The 2017-18 Continuing Education course is OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT! Just go to the Continuing Education tab to get Saturday is NOT the last day you can get your 2017 credits! 

Wondering about the GAPPS vs. Sheriffs lawsuit that was decided 10/16/2017? Just check it all out on our Resources tab! The judgment document is linked there...

Become a Professional Process Server in GA!

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The Pre-Certification Course is priced right to allow you to invest in your business from the start, and turn a profit right away. The 12-hour course is just $150, and online payment is easy.


The course design includes exposure to real world questions, with answers from successful industry leaders. This course is fully accredited by the Georgia JC/AOC, and covers all the statutes necessary to successfully master their exam for certification, too.


AcademyGPPS wants to equip you with the tools necessary to build your business quickly and profitably!

  No membership fees. No mass emails.
  Lots of industry specific answers!



2017-18 Continuing Education to maintain certification- OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT!

FULLY ACCREDITED BY THE Georgia JC/AOC, and COMPLETELY ONLINE! Just go to the tab for Continuing Education, and follow the simple process...(pun intended!)


The Continuing Education course is also priced right! You earn the five hours of credit required to keep your Georgia Certification active for $75, with convenient online payment.


Most courts that issue our annual orders are now requiring at least the Certificate of Completion from accredited industry education providers such as AcademyGPPS.


You complete the five hours on your own schedule. When you finish, we will send your Certificate of Completion by email...that's all there is to it! 



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Certification course and continuing education accredited by

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