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The GA Judicial Council of Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts has not yet scheduled the 2019 quarterly exam dates. The first will likely be in February. 

Counties that accept application for annual/permanent ORDER OF APPOINTMENT: (This is NOT on the exam, but is crucial to getting your business started!)

Cobb, Clayton (not Magistrate), Dawson, DeKalb, Douglas (not State), Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett (not Superior), Hall, Henry (not Magistrate), Paulding (not State) - all other county courts require per case appointment for all process servers, even certified.

Library of Helpful Information

STUDY GUIDE of statutes for the Pre-Certification STATE EXAM
List of OCGA statutes referenced in the Pre-Certification Exam administered by the GA JC/AOC
***Just GOOGLE the statutes by their locations, eg. OCGA 9-11-4.1, and read the statutes verbatim...because the exam will have verbiage from the laws. Please email contact@academygpps.com if you have any questions.
Statutes for Rules Regulations.PDF
PDF File [415.1 KB]
STUDY GUIDE - Practice Test
Questions formatted like the state exam, and references to the statutes that contain the answers.
***Just GOOGLE the statutes by their locations, eg. OCGA 9-11-4.1, and read the statutes verbatim...because the exam will have verbiage from the laws. Please email contact@academygpps.com if you have any questions, and for the answer sheet if you would like to have it.
Certification Exam study guide AcademyGP[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [184.5 KB]
JC/AOC Rules and Regulations - Georgia - Process Servers
STUDY THIS FOR THE PRE-CERTIFICATION EXAM!!! This is the booklet you need to have quick mental reference to while serving process in Georgia.
Process Server Handbook.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [469.0 KB]
OCGA 9-11-4 - Process Serving in GA
The statute that governs service of process in GA. VERY IMPORTANT TO STUDY FOR THE CERTIFICATION EXAM!
HINT: This is how to properly serve process in Georgia.
UCGA 9.11.4.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [109.1 KB]
OCGA 9-11-4.1 - Process Servers
The statute that governs certification of process servers in Georgia. Obviously, this is important to STUDY FOR THE EXAM!!!
HINT: This is how to become and stay certified...
§ 9-11-4.1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [69.0 KB]
GA Certified Process Server APPLICATION
These are the OFFICIAL APPLICATION FORMS for presenting to a Sheriff after you have passed the state exam. The RENEWAL form is also a part of this package, but is obviously not necessary for initial applicants. The Bond form may also be replaced by a valid proof of insurance coverage.
Adobe Acrobat document [7.3 MB]
2017 Georgia Certified Process Servers
Colleagues or competitors... it just depends on how you handle your business!
Adobe Acrobat document [336.1 KB]
Yergey Insurance
Call Mike Yergey at Yergey Insurance 800-683-1226 info@yergeyins.com for a better option.
Adobe Acrobat document [138.5 KB]
Senate Bill - sb491 - regarding several issues, including service in GATED COMMUNITIES, This senate bill was adopted and is now incorporated into the OCGA 9-11-4 statute!
This bill was adopted adding very supportive parameters for private process servers...good to print and have with you in the field for supportive discussions where appropriate...
Adobe Acrobat document [65.9 KB]
Georgia county Organs
Legal newspapers for legal notices and service by publication.
Adobe Acrobat document [10.0 KB]
No Sunday Service list
Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia ***PLEASE ADD MINNESOTA to this list!
Adobe Acrobat document [56.5 KB]
GAPPS v Sheriffs - Initial Filing
This is where the struggle started...
Initial filing of GAPPS v Sheriffs.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.7 MB]
and after it ended with a judgment favoring the Sheriffs, the struggle continued...
Adobe Acrobat document [2.3 MB]
Answer to Appeal
Back and forth...
Adobe Acrobat document [2.1 MB]
Final Judgment
Then the circle is finally closed...for now!
Adobe Acrobat document [183.2 KB]

The result is that the statute OCGA 9-11-4.1 stands as it naturally reads. Sheriffs do NOT have to approve your Form 4 authorizing you to serve process in civil cases filed in the courts in the county they represent. This is a separate decision from acknowledging your application for state-wide certification showing that you have met those qualifications. You will still need a single Sheriff's review and approval of your complete application to be CERTIFIED! However, the Sheriffs WILL approve complete applications, so don't be discouraged by the drama, nor confused by the convoluted procedures. Call me and ask if you have questions about it.


Certification does help separate the professionals from the un-trained in the process service industry! Most courts that offer permanent or annual orders of appointment will require proof of the education or full certification on their applications.

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