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This course is entirely student driven, and is designed to give you ideas and industry references for the growth of your business! It provides the five hours of accredited continuing education required to maintain your certification in Georgia according to OCGA 9-11-4.1 and is recognized by Georgia courts for annual orders of appointment where applicable.



1) Pay using the Buy Now button at the top of this page, and you will receive a receipt by reply email.

2) Send a Student Registration Email from the Contact Us tab. EVERY YEAR I need an email with your NAME, mailing ADDRESS in FULL, (please make sure your city, state, and zip code are on the form!), your PHONE NUMBER, and your GA CPS ID# from your identification card. If you aren't certified, then just state "not certified", and you will still be registered. I just won't leave a blank space for the CPS# on your Certificate of Completion, I will remove it manually. 


Latitude Learning, the online platform, will send you an email confirming enrollment and assigning you credentials to open your course online. You can do this from anywhere on your device of choice, and don't have to be at a specific place at a specific time, and out of commission for five (5) hours!


When you complete the course and notify us, AcademyGPPS will email you the Certificate of Completion, fully ready for submission in your court application packets for orders of annual appointment.


We hope we covered a few areas of our process serving business that will help your profit margin! Please let us know areas of interest you have for future courses at

Remember this cost is a business expense for you, so keep the receipt!

Questions about Permanent/Annual Orders? Just ask...                              *Study materials for the 2020 Certification Exams are in the Library tab.


Phone: 404-702-4437 404-702-4437

LATITUDE LEARNING (you must be registered first! See instructions on the appropriate class tab.)


Online classes on YOUR schedule!

Certification course and continuing education accredited by Georgia JC/AOC 

To register for the next exam:

(must have course Certificate of Completion to be eligible)

Georgia Courts Registrar (GCR)

The Sheriffs keep the list of Certified Process Servers

GSA - Georgia Sheriff Association

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