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Here is the Application and list of things to attach: 

GA Certified Process Server Application
Complete the Form 1, (not 1a, which is the renewal form only), Form 2, Form 3, and Form 5, and Form 6. If you choose to carry full business insurance instead of a bond, then be sure to attach your proof of coverage. Tip: A phone photo is fine, just make sure it is of your face ONLY. (Smile here!)
GA Process Server Certification Applicat[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [7.8 MB]

Submitting your Application to the Sheriff

Take your completed application package to the county Sheriff Office Headquarters of your choice. NOTE that they are NOT prepared to ANSWER QUESTIONS about the certification process. Precinct departments will only have to refer you to their headquarters office, so save yourself the trip and time. They would help if they could!


Best to call first and ask if they have a preferred source for your fingerprint backgound check. Most will want a COGENT report from the GA Bureau of Investigation, which is easily obtainable from specific UPS Store locations. Others will have you go to their county jail to have their own officers fingerprint you, eg. Fulton County.

Email your facial-only photograph to Bill Hallsworth of the Georgia Sheriff Association at and let him know you are submitting your application to which Sheriff. He will then have it ready for production of your identification card when the Sheriff has approved your application package. 

When your application is approved, the Sheriff will contact you to come in to take your oath and receive your identification card.


Renewing your Certification? SAME STEPS AS ABOVE, except you submit the Renewal form instead of the two-page initial application. The forms are linked above.

Questions about Permanent/Annual Orders? Just ask...                         *Study materials for the 2019 Certification Exams are in the Library tab.


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The Sheriffs keep the list of Certified Process Servers

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