Building your own profit margin:

As a GA process server, you will be a private agent. You may accept assignments from established process service agencies, as a contracted agent, or you may choose to work directly with plaintiffs in cases, who will pay you full fees directly.


I will be expanding and building this page to provide you with guidance developing your business. Please feel free to send me your questions and suggestions for data or items to include here. Thank you!

Getting Started...literally at the beginning:

First- read the goodies in the Library, and see if process serving makes sense to you

Second- take the Pre-Certification Course to qualify for the state exam

Third- register for the state Exam and pass with FLYING colors!

Fourth- submit your complete application to a GA Sheriff for Certification

Fifth- apply for Appointment in the county courts of your choice 

How do I find my first assignments?

What Courts do I want to get appointed in?

How do I set my fees?

What services do I want to offer?

Do I need to advertise?

Who pays me?

Do I need a website?

These are all great questions, and only YOU can answer them! If you think my answers might help you, just schedule a ride-along and let's talk...

Questions about Permanent/Annual Orders? Just ask...                         *Study materials for the 2019 Certification Exams are in the Library tab.


Phone: 404-702-4437 404-702-4437


After enrolling, ENTER HERE to log in for classes:


Online classes on YOUR schedule!

Certification course and continuing education accredited by Georgia JC/AOC 

To register for the next exam:

(must have course Certificate of Completion to be eligible)

Georgia Courts Registrar (GCR)

The Sheriffs keep the list of Certified Process Servers, too...

GSA - Georgia Sheriff Association

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